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Join Our SASH Realty Team!

Welcome to a fantastic new opportunity for your career! Great things are ahead at SASH Realty, and we are excited to be welcoming outstanding new professionals to our Team. 

SASH Realty has never been a typical brokerage. From the time SASH was founded, we have set ourselves apart with our philosophy of care, our breadth of real estate services, our high standards of professionalism, and our positive, team based culture. Here are a just a few reasons why we have such low turnover at SASH Realty:

SASH Realty Team Members in Seattle, WA
SASH Realty Team meetings throughout Seattle area
  • While many firms have a “every broker for themselves”, dog-eat-dog culture, at SASH we believe that teamwork is a superior approach to business success. We have each other’s backs and cheer one another on, resulting in a supportive, positive environment of success.  

  • The education and training of our SASH Realty brokers is of paramount importance to us. SASH offers a thorough in-house broker qualification training to ensure you have all the tools you need to be a highly successful and effective broker in today’s busy market.

  • At other brokerages, you are on your own with marketing efforts, expenses, and campaigns. SASH Realty is different.  We provide year-round marketing support to each broker, through our Marketing Bucks program, our corporate-sponsored marketing events, graphic design services, and grab-and-go launch package. We are dedicated to your success and put our resources to work on your behalf!

SASH Realty home sales in the Pacific Northwest
  • At SASH, we are driven to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. To help them achieve their real estate dreams, and to assist them through major life transitions with exceptional client care. Relationships are of top priority to us, and doing the right thing is paramount. SASH is not a brokerage where sales quotas and profits matter more than people. As a result, our work is highly satisfying, meaningful, and successful. 

Peter Gallagher from SASH Realty with Meals on Wheels in Seattle
  • Let’s face it: There are many real estate firms who will hire any broker regardless of their professional standards, resulting in sloppy and careless real estate work. Not at SASH. We won’t hire just anyone. We only choose positive, hard-working brokers committed to high standards and ethical practices. The result? When you join SASH, you’ll enjoy being surrounded by an outstanding team you can be proud of.

  • The cherry on the top of SASH Realty is our unique offering of real estate services that are not found at other brokerages. SASH Services, a sister division at SASH, has provided private home sale services to clients and their families for 15 years.

Through SASH Services, we can provide financial resources to assist our clients with the sale of their home, as well as full scale repair and renovation services, packing and moving, complete management of our clients’ home sales, and even cash advances for qualified clients. SASH Realty brokers can pursue the education and training required to offer SASH Services to their clients – opening the door to limitless opportunities for their business. 

Marisa Robba with SASH Realty home sale

There are more reasons why joining SASH Realty may be right for you. We invite you to take the next step to becoming a part of our outstanding Team.

Send your cover letter and resume to or fill out the form below. All inquiries are confidential. We’ll follow up and guide you through the application process. 

Downloadable Flyer: What Makes SASH Realty Different?

Downloadable Flyer: Benefits of Joining the SASH Team

Success awaits at SASH Realty! We are looking forward to meeting you, and we're excited about the opportunity to have you reach  your potential here at SASH. 

We invite you to send us your confidential inquiry with this simple form:

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SASH Realty Fun Event
SASH Realty team lunch
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty team members dinner
SASH Realty presentation
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty home sales in Seattle
SASH Realty team members at convention
Rebecca Bomann and Roman Shulyak with SASH Realty
SASH Realty home sales in the greater Seattle Area
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty's Realtor Cheyl
SASH Realty team members
Rebecca Bomann Founder and CEO for SASH Realty
Fun with SASH Realty
SASH Realty team members
SASH Realty team members at Real Estate event
SASH Realty team members luncheon
SASH Realty team members at Realtor event
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