For Our Senior Homeowners

At SASH Realty, seniors and their families hold a special place in our mission of service. 

Over thirteen years ago, SASH was founded based on our own experience serving our aging loved ones through their home sale. We believed that a real estate service should exist which provides the high caliber of respect and client care that senior homeowners deserve. One that would offer additional selling options, customized services, and extra support and care for the enormous step of selling a senior’s home.

SASH Realty owner and CEO with Senior Client

SASH’s Founder and a SASH Client in 2006

Since then, SASH has served hundreds of seniors and their families through the sale of their home, providing guidance, resources, and old fashioned hard work to help facilitate their downsizing journey.

We’ve been privileged to see the walls of framed photos of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It’s wonderful to see collections carefully gathered over several decades, garages with well-worn tools, dog-eared recipe books, memorabilia from more than sixty years ago, hand-made quilts, and all of the token pieces of a life well lived. 

SASH Senior Clients

SASH Clients, 2010

Over the years, we’ve assisted with every kind of home sale for our senior clients. City condos, sprawling ramblers, newer custom homes, tiny cottages, and grand estates. Homes with acreage, homes as tidy as a pin and those with deferred maintenance. Homes with views of the Sound, views of the mountains, and views of downtown. Through it all, SASH was there. 

Selling a Seniors Home, client and Broker Don Gibbons

Client and SASH’s own Don Gibbons, 2014

We’re proud to have served seniors from all walks of life: military veterans, retired engineers, teachers, truck drivers, world travelers, professors, city council members, house painters, doctors, home builders, home makers, poets, clock makers, pharmacists, and more. Each life story is unique, filled with adventure, love, joy, loss, and accomplishment.

One thing they share in common, is a fondness for their home where so many memories were made over the years, and some unease about leaving such a familiar place. This is understandable, as downsizing from one’s home after forty or fifty years is a big step, and the start of a new chapter of life.

By calling SASH to guide them through the sale of their home, each client enjoyed. assistance that was tailor-made for their timeline and specific needs, and specialized services to support them each step of the way. Their families also benefited from SASH’s “one-stop shop” by having the work delegated to our SASH Team.

  • Take as long as you need to think the options over, and when you’re ready, let us know which option and specific services you’d like. 

  • The SASH broker returns for a second visit, and presents the home sale options and how they compare. There is no obligation or cost for SASH to share this information with you.

How does it work?
  • SASH is contacted by the senior or family, and we take time to get to know your specific needs and goals in the sale of the home.

  • The SASH broker takes a few days to do market research and to create home sale options designed specifically for your situation. 

  • A SASH broker visits the home, learning about its history, condition, neighborhood, and features.

SASH Client, 2016

Senior Client who was represented by SASH Realty
SASH Realty offering home sale support for elderly clients

SASH Client, 2007

Depending on your specific situation, SASH may be able to offer multiple home sale options, or perhaps there is only one great option.

What you can count on from SASH in this discovery process is honesty, transparency, and a realistic idea of how we can achieve your goals in the home sale. We provide a no-pressure, information-filled presentation so that you can be an informed seller and know all your options.

We have two primary goals:

  1. To maximize your net proceeds from the sale.

  2. To make the sale as low-stress and easy for you as we can.

Potential SASH services you may be interested in asking about:

  • Sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking assistance – you don’t have to lift a single box.

  • Light repair to full renovation services to increase the market value of your home.

  • A cash advance from the proceeds of your sale, provided when SASH manages your home sale.

  • Resources to cover your home sale costs so that you can focus on your next steps.

  • Our expert management over all of the details of your sale, so you don’t have to!

SASH Realty senior aged clients

SASH Clients, 2015

SASH Realty Senior client with a check from her home sale

SASH Client, 2017

SASH Senior Client selling her home

SASH Client, 2009

No matter what kind of home you are selling, or the specific challenges you may be facing in the sale of the home, we invite you to give us a call at SASH.

Our dedicated care to seniors over the past 15 years has earned us the endorsement of hundreds of elder care professionals, an A+ Rating with the BBB, and consistently high reviews from our clients and their families. 

SASH is here to guide you and your family through the home sale journey. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve you this way, and look forward to the opportunity to make it a great experience for you!

Sell A Senior's Home - SASH Realty Senior Client

SASH Client, 2016

SASH Realty Founder and a Senior Client

SASH Founder and Client, 2014

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