Specialized Assistance

Each senior that we serve at SASH comes with a unique life story. We hear of interesting jobs, diverse places, colorful people, historic world events, and lessons learned.

Sometimes, as daily tasks become more difficult and unexpected crises come, the sale of a senior’s home can seem overwhelming. The sheer work, expense, and unknowns of selling the home often feel impossible to overcome. This is especially so when loved ones are in need of regular care, requiring extra resources and help.
This is where the specialized assistance of SASH Realty can be a lifesaver. You see, at SASH, taking care of seniors through their home sale is all we’ve ever done. It’s our mission. Over the years, we’ve gained valuable experience in many unique situations. Time and again, our compassion, skills, and client-focused services changed a home sale from an insurmountable task to a dignified and simple selling process. 
Call SASH Realty if you are facing a home sale where our specialized assistance is needed. We serve families who have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve worked with clients with terminal illness, debilitating diseases, and those in rehabilitation or hospice. SASH is also no stranger to homes where collections have been hoarded, where there is a multitude of pets, or where there is extensive deferred maintenance. 
It is our privilege to serve families through challenging situations. Our caring team of professionals is here to assist in any way we can, with the goal of bringing joy and dignity to the life stories that come our way.