Giving Back

At SASH Realty, we are passionate about serving seniors and their families with the highest levels of service and respect.
We also care deeply about our elderly neighbors who live on fixed incomes, with limited mobility and resources. Meals on Wheels provides a critical service to homebound seniors, delivering nutritious and affordable meals to their homes. Meals on Wheels also gives seniors the opportunity to interact with volunteers regularly, providing a friendly smile and a warm hug each week.

SASH Realty gives to our local Meals on Wheels organizations out of every transaction we close. We also host regular fundraisers for this important service. Thanks to the generous efforts of volunteers and donors, Meals on Wheels is able to stretch its resources, providing 112 delivered meals for just $500.

Click Here if you would like to donate to Meals on Wheels.

Thank you for joining us in the efforts to provide nutritious meals to homebound seniors. Your patronage of SASH Realty’s services helps us to increase our giving to Meals on Wheels.

Together we can provide support, dignity, and quality of life to these esteemed members of our community.